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From Idea to Product: The Nature's Throne Story

At Nature's Throne, we are dedicated to Elevating Outdoor Comfort in more ways than one. Today, I'm here to share our journey – how a simple idea transformed into a physical product for the world to experience!

Founder of Nature's Throne participates in NC State University's Entrepalooza and holds up Nature's Throne poster with Wolf Mascots

The Start of Something New

It all began as a modest idea during an entrepreneurship project at North Carolina State University. Little did we know that this seed of an idea would grow into something far beyond our initial vision. At the time, we had no grand plans to start our own camping gear and outdoor recreation business, but then everything changed.

The Unexpected Opportunity

Nature's Throne was presented with an opportunity that would set it's course in an entirely new direction. In 2023, Nature's Throne became one of the lucky five companies selected to participate in the Andrews Launch Accelerator. This accelerator program offered not only a generous $8000 grant but also invaluable mentorship and the resources needed to kickstart our business.

Founder of Nature's Throne Pitching in front of investors at NC State's Andrews Launch Accelerator Demo Day
Founder of Nature's Throne, pitches to potential investors at NC State's annual 2023 Andrew's Launch Accelerator Demo Day

Customer Discovery and Validation

Armed with determination and a vision to revolutionize outdoor comfort, we began conducting hundreds of customer discovery interviews to get feedback from our target audience. We did this by spending hours in front of major outdoor retailers, such as DICK's Sporting Goods, REI, and Academy Sports and asked people their thoughts about our new product.

To our surprise and delight, our 2-in-1 camping chair that doubles as a portable toilet was a hit. People were not only interested but excited about our product. They were asking where they could purchase it, and it was this real-world validation that fueled our passion even further.

Nature's Throne  2-in-1 camping chair and portable toilet combo step-by-step privacy tent setup.

From Idea to Product

In just a span of four months, Nature's Throne transformed from a mere idea into an actual product with paying customers. It was like a rocket launch – full of excitement, unexpected turns, and incredible support from people who shared our enthusiasm.

Looking Ahead

In the coming months, we have ambitious plans to launch a Kickstarter Campaign that will take us one step closer to making Nature's Throne a reality for outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. The much-anticipated release of our 2-in-1 camping chair is expected by the end of this year, marking the next milestone in our journey.

Nature's Throne isn't just a product; it's a solution to one of the most common problems faced by outdoor enthusiasts-not having a convenient place to use the restroom. Join us on this incredible journey, and just remember, "When Nature Calls We've Got You Covered!"

Here's to the next chapter of the Nature's Throne story!

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Edward Durham
Edward Durham
16. Nov. 2023

Looking forward to it!

Gefällt mir
Marko Sun
Marko Sun
16. Nov. 2023
Antwort an

Can't wait for you test out the Nature's Throne with your community! ⛺️

Gefällt mir
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