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Unlock Exclusive VIP Benefits with Your $5 Sticker Purchase


Here's what you get:

  • 41% Early Bird Discount: Receive the BIGGEST discount we will ever offer on our revolutionary 2-in-1 camping chair and portable toilet. Get it for ONLY $88! (Normally $150)

  • Exclusive Sneak Peeks: Be the first to see the innovative features that make Nature's Throne a game-changer.

  • Priority Access: Secure your spot and be one of the first to get their Nature's Throne when we launch.


All In One Solution

Combines a comfortable camping chair with a portable toilet, ensuring convenience and reducing the gear you need to pack. Instead of investing in multiple separate products, enjoy the dual functionality packed into one durable, space-saving solution.

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Built-In Privacy Screen

Nature’s Throne offers a discreet, easy-to-deploy privacy tent, transforming any outdoor spot into a private retreat. Perfect for families and individuals alike, this built-in feature guarantees peace of mind during your nature adventures.

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Multifunctional Cup Holder

Nature's Throne features a versatile cup holder designed for various cup sizes and doubles as a toilet paper holder, embodying the essence of convenience and smart design for outdoor adventures.

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The Story Behind Nature's Throne

Welcome to the journey of Nature's Throne, where innovation meets outdoor comfort. Born in an NC State entrepreneurship class, our vision is to elevate outdoor comfort by addressing one of the most overlooked challenges during outdoor adventures. Uncomfortable outdoor bathroom breaks. 

The great outdoors offers an escape from the daily grind, a place where families bond, and adventurers seek the thrill of nature. Yet, every outdoor enthusiast, from the casual camper to the seasoned explorer, faces a common issue: the lack of a convenient, hygienic, and private bathroom solution. The existing options either compromise comfort, overlook privacy, or fail to provide an integrated, user-friendly experience. This challenge was recognized during our time at NC State, where the idea for Nature’s Throne came to life. Our discussions, backed by surveys and customer interviews in front of major outdoor gear retailers, demonstrated a unanimous call for a better solution—a need for a product that seamlessly integrates with nature without compromising on the fundamental comforts of home. 

During our time at NC State, Nature’s Throne evolved from a concept to a prototype, gaining momentum through pitch competitions and entrepreneurship awards. Our project turned heads and sparked conversations which led to an accumulation of $19,500 in grant funding. 

Now, we turn to you, the Kickstarter community and passionate outdoor enthusiasts, to help bring Nature's Throne to life. By backing our campaign, you’re not just funding a product; you’re helping redefine outdoor comfort and convenience. Your support will enable us to finalize product development, scale manufacturing, and launch Nature’s Throne into the market, ensuring that campers and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about their next bathroom break.

Join the VIP list today to be among the first to experience Nature’s Throne. Take advantage of our early bird discounts, exclusive sneak peeks, and be part of the outdoor revolution. Together, we can turn the dream of hassle-free, comfortable outdoor adventures into a reality.

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